R for Business Analytics published by Springer

I am enjoying reading this book, authored by A Ohri. I like the short interviews of people like Hadley Wickam author of ggplot2, ch 5.10 and James Dixon founder of Pentaho, ch
We discussed Pentaho at a recent Quantified Self Meet-up. After  learning about Pentaho, I was pleased to find a section on in this book.
Along with how to work with R and every current database, cloud service, api’s and json there is a section on postgreSQL my favorite database.
After reading this book I feel more confident about getting  data into R.

The amount of information about graphics cover just about everything. Chapter 5 has code for pie charts and Venn diagrams, even code for a word cloud.

Chapter 6 Building Regression Models covers multicollinearity and hetroscedasticity.  Something that I don’t think is talked about often.

Note about the code in this book he uses = as the assignment operator not <-

Each Chapter has a summary at the end listing all the packages and functions used in the chapter. I am finding this to be a very useful book on business analytics.978-1-4614-4342-1


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